More comfort thanks to new bassoon-balance-support

For the bassoon, there are a variety of carrying systems. The left arm often suffers in the long run from the weight of the instrument, regardless of whether a balance holder is installed on the bassoon and which system is used.

That's why Mihaly Fliegauf, bassoonist and bassoon teacher and I have developed a new solution that for once does not support the weight of the bassoon from above. With the newly developed balance support, the bassoon lies on a spike, as it does with the cello. The fixation plate for the spike is placed where the ideal balance point is. This is just below the E-flat key on the bass joint, which leads to a perfect balance of the bassoon.

When playing standing up, the spike is inserted into a belt holster especially available from the photographic industry. If you play in a sitting position, it is placed on the seat surface by a non-slip rubber buffer so that arms and hands are not subjected to any strain. The balance support can be adjusted both in height and angle to the left hand. It is quickly assembled and fits into any bassoon case together with the belt holster. The bassoon playing has never been so relaxed.

Are you interested in trying out the Balance Support for yourself?

The balance support for bassoon costs Fr. 645.-- incl. consultation and installation.

I am curious to see if this new version of playing the bassoon will inspire you as well.